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I hopped on to blog today without any real clue as to what I was going to do.  Before blogging I thought I would look at some other sites to steal ideas to catch up on the sports news I have missed over the holidays.  Reading Kuharsky’s ESPN blog, I decided to take his idea and make it ours, in our own, loveable, way.

So, here goes . . .

  1. If you celebrate Christmas and
  2. If you received an electronic device and
  3. If you wanted to check to see if it worked and
  4. If you are a fan of

You probably want to check out if your new holiday gear is working by going  here!

And, you can check us out on your mobile devices now too!  [Because in order to avoid coming up with actual content, Paddy would rather spend hours computer coding so that WOOF Award Winner Dean can check in with his smart phone].

So, please, check us out on your new Christmas toys and continue to support us by not hitting our hosting button or by not leaving comments.

In other news, there was no post this past weekend for the game because Paddy and I were “enjoying” it together.  As a well known blogging celebrity, the USO  invited me on a tour of the Middle East where I bumped into Paddy who was on a secret mission.  While there, we had the opportunity to watch the game together.  So, instead of wasting our time taking notes and blogging, we spent three hours yelling at the TV and watching our defense step aside so as to not interfere with the Chiefs’ running game.

Random observations include:

  • We need to stop the run better if we want to survive in the playoffs
  • Luck looked really tired in his interview–I think he has hit the rookie wall
  • Winning another game, clinching the playoffs, playing every game, and setting the rookie passing record should be enough to secure Luck Rookie of the Year
  • Freeney is done as a Colt unless he is willing to work for minimum wage
  • We have some talented rookies and the next few years will be interesting to watch as they mature
  • Guys still need to catch balls

Not sure what our blogging status will be for the next game as I might stick it out over here in the Middle East awhile longer.

In the mean time:

Merry Christmas from Paddy, Rick, The Father, The Mother and Platypodes everywhere!

Luck does some stuff again

Luck wishing fans a Happy Holiday!