A Tale of Indy City

Greetings loyal WeAreIndy.com fans!  Paddy O’ checking in with a post-holiday post.  With the family beginning to scatter, and the weather turning a bit colder, it seemed like a good morning to tell you the tale of a family trip down Lucas Oil way.  It is a story fraught with adventure, disappointment, scavenged nachos, and some really happy Colts fans.  So grab your favorite winter drink, settle back, and listen to Paddy.  Comfy?  Okay.  I shall begin.

We found out on December 26th that we would be going to the game.  You see, like a lot of modern families, there are always complications so our holidays are seldom celebrated on the actual date.   Not that it really matters.  Most of the family was together and once we made it through the gift wrapped stacks of old blog posts and bags of Purina Platypode Chow, we were presented with super secret envelopes.  Contained within was a typed note informing us that we were going to the game.  Needless to say, it was the highlight of the holiday.

As always seems to be the case with anything the family plans, a hiccup did occur.  One of the tickets was for The Nephew, but, due to some crazy circumstances, we found out the day before the game that he wouldn’t be able to attend.  But all was not lost, dear reader.  The Wife stepped up to the plate and stated that she would, in fact, go to the game with us.  You should have seen it…she was so excited she was literally shaking with rage excitement.  It was so very cute.

Colts Pipe and Drum

Colts Pipe and Drum

The morning of the game we loaded up and headed south to Indy.  It wasn’t long before we reached downtown Indy and parked in the Indy Blue Crew parking, the spot reserved for Colts tailgaters.  Since it was a bit chilly and we were running a touch late, we didn’t have time to drink a Coors light in the chilly winter weather.  We did, however, learn that the Colts have a pipe and drum line.  A pipe and drum line that was joined by a homeless gentleman who danced along while playing his recorder.  And yes, I am serious.

Lucas Oil

Lucas Oil

We navigated a few blocks and suddenly there it was before us…Lucas Oil.  Such a beautiful sight on a clear and crisp December day.  Rick O’ went silent, The Wife could barely contain herself, The Father chugged along, and I gave the beautiful brick building a silent nod, tipping my hat to the footballs gods so that they might bless us with a fine game and a solid win over the Texans.



View From 245

Once through security (where Rick O’  got the most action he has had in years), we made it into the stadium and found our seats.  We were in section 245 and should you ever make it to Lucas Oil for a game, I would highly recommend the section.  The view of the field was fantastic.  We were close to the main plaza and snacks were readily available, sometimes as close as under the seats.

About halfway through the second quarter, we left our seats to get some food for The Father so his foot wouldn’t fall off and so that we could give The Wife a tour of the stadium.  She had never been in Lucas Oil before (and had only been in the Hoosier Dome back in the day to see INXS of all things) so we wanted her to have the whole NFL experience.  She was incredibly bored thrilled.

The halftime show with the monkeys riding the border collies was a hoot and not something we really expected to see.  It was also made known during our halftime discussion that our WOOF award winner Dean was also in attendance, somewhere in section 227.  I was able to zoom in and get a picture, though I am not quite sure which seat he was in for the game.  Regardless, we wanted to give one of our most loyal readers a shout-out.

WOOF Award Winner Dean

WOOF Award Winner Dean

Looking back, we could not have scripted a better game.  It had everything you could ask for in an NFL game…the run back being the big highlight.  Man, did the stadium explode when that happened.  But there was also the interception that resulted in a touchdown.  There were some bad calls.  Our coach was back.  The only thing that would have made it better is if The Nephew would have been able to make it.  His presence was greatly missed.

100_0210 copy

Paddy, Rick O’, and The Father

But, those who made the game had a wonderful time.  It was a great gift being able to attend a game with The Father, The Wife, and Rick O’…and it was a lifetime memory.  A lot of thought and help went into making this happen so let me publicly state just how much it is appreciated.  It was the near-perfect day.

We were very Luck-y…


Not a Hand Drawn Luck