BREAKING NEWS: Not Podcasting

Recently, we learned that our main competitor–Stampede Blue–in an effort to drum up some traffic at their little site is considering adding a Podcast to their blog.  This is an obvious ploy to attract readers.

Given that Paddy is enjoying his retirement from blogging and that we have too much respect for our reader(s), we here at are refusing to adopt gimmicks like “podcasts” or “google hangouts” or “traffic” or “readers.”

We are, however, not above a little espionage, and so we were able to obtain a transcript from Stampede Blue’s first, un-aired podcast.

Here it is:

Stampede Blue Podcast Transcript

Brad Wells:  I don’t want to be a hater, but Andrew Luck sucks.  He only throws for a million touchdowns and has saved only a half a dozen games by himself in one measly year.  In order to be a contender, we need to do more than that.  You might think I don’t like the guy, but this is all about the horseshoe.

Fans:  We love you, Brad!

Brad Wells:  Grigson sucks.  He brought in all those mid-level guys in the offseason.  It used to be we paid a lot of money to Manning and a few other guys, then made our way with scrubs so that we had only a few elite players and a bunch of nobodies.  This guy goes out and gets a lot of solid guys that are a clear upgrade over the basement dwellers–what’s up with that?  You guys will call me a hater, but I only say this because I am a die hard Colts fan!

Fans:  We love you, Brad!

Brad Wells:  That draft sucked.  After Grigs goes out and gets a bunch of guys in free agency, how does he have the nerve to go and draft more players.  He should be gone in a year for this failed experiment.  Go Colts!

Fans:  We love you, Brad, for your keen insights that are in no way repetitive or predictable!

Brad Wells:  What’s the deal with that Jim Irsay guy?  He keeps tweeting.  And I keep writing about those tweets.  Heads will roll–Irsay is gone in six months if he keeps up with these stunts.

Fans:  Brad, that’s so adorable.

Brad Wells:  We should have drafted Ryan Leaf.  It’s all about the team and that Manning pick was very selfish.

Fans:  [sounds of Kool-Aid drinking] We love you, Brad, because there is no pattern to your blogging in any way, shape, or form.

Brad Wells:  Boy, don’t we all hate that horseshoe emblem, that needs to go.  We should replace it with the horseshoe emblem like Baltimore used to use.

Fans:  New horseshoes suck, old horseshoes are great.

Brad Wells:  Let’s take a caller, shall we (even though I hate callers).  Hello Caller, you are on the air.

Caller:  Brad, we love your blogging so much, can you tell us what other things you hate?

Brad Wells:  Well, let’s see.  What’s the deal with Indianapolis?  Large, midwestern city–why do they deserve a football team?  It’s not like they are Cleveland or Cincinnati.

Caller:  What else do you hate?

Brad Wells:  I hate Buffalo wings–they should be called Albany Wings.  I hate the name Brad, I should have been called Stanley.  I hate that they put tacos in those crunchy shells.  I hate George  Washington for messing up the French and Indian War.  Not a big fan of either mom or apple pie.

Caller:  Is there anything in the world that you don’t hate?

Brad Wells:  Well, my cat–Mr. Rufflekins– is kind of acceptable on a limited time basis.  Oh, and those guys at ain’t too bad–when they are blogging.